Mrs Fields Top Ryde City Shoot

Recently, I was asked to do some photography at Mrs Fields Top Ryde City, both of their store and of their products. Since this was my first time at doing this type of photography, I accepted the challenge. The team there were so nice for me to go around their store, take photos of the store and their products. A few days later I gave them these photos. Here are just some of the photos that I took on that shoot.

If you would like a product shoot like this, send me an email at and we’ll go from there.

If you like Cookie Cakes… see their facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Mrs Fields Top Ryde City Shoot

  1. Hey Josh,

    Nice work on the product shoot there 😛 I think for a first attempt you almost nailed it! Have you got a flash? A bit of bounce flash might have done well for some of the cookie and coffee shots on the table?


  2. @Nick
    Thanks nick!
    ATM, I don’t have an external flash, and I’m tossing up for saving up for a lens, a flash, or lightroom.
    I realised that I should have had the on-body flash on after looking at the photos on the computer, so :shrug:

  3. @admin
    Yeah I know where you’re at! It’s hard choosing one item when you know you’ll need all of them eventually!

    I wouldn’t worry about not having it too much! You could always experiment with bounce and other flash techniques with the built-in flash! I’ve used aluminum foil to direct the built-in flash directly at the roof for some awesome fill… takes a few tries to get the results you want but incredibly cheap to implement. May not look entirely professional for this sort of work but great for friends and family.

    I built my collection slowly over 5 years and my flash is my latest edition! So some things take longer than others!

    if you only have one lens, I would recommend getting your lens first. But if you can make do with the lens’ you have you could put that on hold and get a flash first.

    What editing software are you currently using?

  4. @Nick
    My setup is this – Nikon D3100 + 18-55mm + 55+300mm kit lenses. Adobe CS4 Photoshop with Adobe Camera RAW (windows).
    Lightroom would be nice, but it’s at the end. so it’s the question of getting a good flash or a good lens (like a 35mm or something)

  5. @joshlama
    Yeah, I don’t think you should worry about Lightroom just yet if you are using Adobe Camera RAW.

    I guess the decision would be, how often you think you’ll use the flash. Eg, will you be doing more photo shoots in the near future and would you benefit from using the flash at these jobs?

    I recently became resident photographer for Penrith Panthers (The club, not the team) for their weekend events and have found my flash to be a very valuable tool and would struggle without it.

    Then again, you might find that a lens will be more beneficial as it can broaden your ability to get different/professional shots? I found the the kit lens’ should be able to get you by on most of the regular/standard no special requirement sort of jobs?

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