YouTube Symphony Orchestra – from an audience member/actor

Back on 20th March, I was able to go to the YouTube Symphony Orchestra 2011 Finale Concert, which you can see in average quality above. I really enjoyed my time there, and will remember it quite easily for future memories.

Movement 1: Thoughts before the week.

In Primary School, and in High School, I was a band geek. I liked playing in the concert band, and I loved the jazz band. I played trumpet. I loved playing trumpet, even though having the oral pain of braces. When I reached Uni, I stopped, because although I liked playing, I loved listening to the music.

When I’m on YouTube, I see people not understanding of the role of classical music. One of the reasons of why the YTSO exists is so that those who don’t have the experience of classical music can tune out for a moment from the world, or other genres of music to listen to the world of classical music.

I went to my first day in choir, and I sat down with the basses and sort of looked over my shoulder to see what they were doing. They opened their scores, the conductor gave the downbeat, and, boom, they launched into the Kyrie from the “Requiem” by Mozart. In my entire life I had seen in black and white, and suddenly everything was in shocking Technicolor. The most transformative experience I’ve ever had — in that single moment, hearing dissonance and harmony and people singing, people together, the shared vision. And I felt for the first time in my life that I was part of something bigger than myself.
Eric Whiticare

Movement 2: Tuesday

Movement 3: Sunday

When we talk about media on the internet, there is talk of the primary audience and the secondary audience. The primary audience should be those who originally see the content, and usually its the intended audience seeing it. The secondary audience is anyone else who sees it somewhere else; such as in a news show or something similar.

The problem was that I saw myself as not the primary audience, I saw myself as an actor in the work. The primary audience is the 30mil who were watching it online that night, and were watching the rebroadcast. I didn’t mind being the actor, but I also saw how they were doing things; so the audience could see us, there were lights pointed to the audience. when they were leading up to a segment or a cut, something gave way, such as the lighting or the screen getting ready, or even the cameras moving, or even the visuals that shone on the insides of the sails. It didn’t remove me from the entire experience, but I just noticed it.

Where I sat, you could not see me in the shots, because I was closer to the top than to the stage, but I forgot how every seat in the house is a good seat. As the music was playing, I could see the expressions of each of the players.

I would like to applause each of the people who made this possible; if I can, I would love to travel in time for the next YTSO.