1) Introduction


Hi people who come from cyberspace!

I’ve had this site since the start of November, really not knowing what to do with it. However, this site will soon be my resting place on the internet. I will be tweeking the site as I learn PHP and CSS, but until I do that, I hope you enjoy.

Quick Navigation

Oh the left will be some other pages such as links and about pages.

On the right will be some stuff that will do with my blog.

The middle will be the blog itself.

I hope you enjoy the site, and what I’ll be putting on when I’m here. but while I’m here, please do subscribe via the RSS (which will be found in the links page) and I hope stuff will happen!


If you know of some good website design sites for total n00bs, plz leave a comment! It’ll be greatly appreciated!

What do you think?