Macquarie Anglican – Site v3

Macquarie Anglican - Site v3 - Welcoming our enquirers.

Site v3 started as a revamp of our old site, but soon turned into a full redesign of content and design to align with the future of Macquarie Anglican online presence. Using a content first methodology, as well as using research on what people look for on a church website.

Some blog posts have been written on my Medium site on this topic, and when I get around to it, I’ll be writing an ebook on Better Church Websites with this site as an example.

Screenshot from a phone of the site. It shows an image of people having morning tea, with big white letters stating Welcome to Macquarie Anglican.

Screen shot of the site, we see two big images of the exterior of the buildings, along with their service times.

Screen shot of the site, with a green background with different ministries featured.

Screen shot of the site, with a light blue and white background with some text.

By day, I work in Technical Support, but at night, I write on a mishmash of things. But mostly on #churchwebsites.